Titan America

Florida City Gas


Miami, FL



Crew Size


Project Manager

Renee Hand


Jeff Hand

HSE Professional

David Roddam

Work Scope

Phase 1: Install a new 270 PSIG MAOP 12-inch pipeline and a new regulator station must be installed at the NW Hialeah Gate Station. This will regulate the pressure from 270 PSIG to 88 PSIG.

Phase 2: Install 1.6 miles of 12” pipe will deliver natural gas from the NW Hialeah Gate Station to the Medley area and tie-in to the existing 8-inch pipeline that is to be uprated.

Phase 3: In order to serve the Titan America customer, the Medley Regulator station must regulate the normal operating pressure (NOP) of 260 PSIG to 88 PSIG.

Phase 4: To meet customer needs, the Titan America skid mounted Meter & Regulator assembly must regulate the normal operating pressure (NOP) of 88 PSIG to 60 PSIG. An extension of approximately 0.4 miles of 12-inch X-52 FBE/ARO steel pipe. Project consisted of 11 HDDs ranging from 500’-1200’, (1) JAB underneath railroad and (3) TDW stopple/taps.

Unique Challenges: 95% of the work had to be performed during night hours. Crews encountered significant ground water and hard coral. Team had to coordinate with different survey, electrical, CP, and environmental teams within each phase.