Piedmont Enhancement Project


Atlanta, Ga.



Crew Size


Project Manager

Dusty Elrod


Lane Sanford

HSE Professional

Barrett Gillman

The Piedmont Enhancement Project was an extremely complex project with many unique challenges. Nearly 150 unmarked/unknown utilities were found with hydro excavation/slot trenching including 81 water, 21 sewer 21, 12 electric 12, 20 telecom 20, 1 gas, and 13 others. The project consisted of two different projects (PRIM & DIMP) combined into one. All the pipeline was constructed under the roadway along Piedmont Road and East Paces Ferry Road using the slot trenching method with permanent and temporary lane closures. Along the route, there were multiple business that required constant communication.

The PRIM portion of the project included installation of approximately 13,500 linear feet (LF) of twelve-inch (12”) high pressure (HP) steel distribution main, 4,000 LF of twelve-inch (12”) medium high pressure (MHP) plastic distribution main, and one regulator station. Specifically, PRIM consists of 4,500 LF run of twelve-inch (12”) HP steel replacing an existing six-inch (6”) HP steel from Pelham Road running north along Piedmont Road to I-85. The remaining portion of PRIM includes installing 9,000 LF of twelve-inch (12”) HP steel main running north along Piedmont Road from Fountainhead Lane up to East Paces Ferry Road where it will tie into the new regulator station. From the new regulator station, approximately 4,000 LF of twelve-inch (12”) MHP plastic main was installed along East Paces Ferry Road heading west to the ultimate tie-in point at the intersection of Peachtree Road at East Paces Ferry Road.

DIMP replaces approximately 10,000 LF of eight-inch (8”) MHP steel distribution main with 10,000 LF of eight-inch (8”) MHP plastic distribution gas main. The proposed eight-inch (8”) MHP plastic main for DIMP begins at Fountainhead Lane and follows Piedmont Road north to Peachtree Road.