Directional Drilling

At Southeast Connections, we have extensive experience with Horizontal directional drilling, or HDD. In an effort to make our work as efficient and high quality as possible, we’ve implemented the latest technologies and equipment available to ensure that our clients can find easy solutions to any utility installation challenges they may have. We realize that HDD projects can be challenging, and that’s why SEC is committed to the best and safest practices.

Proven Experts in HDD

SEC installs more than 2 million linear feet of pipe every year. Conventional boring and open-cut methods of underground utility construction can create the potential for problems. At SEC, we strive to offer alternative solutions to those problems to ensure that our clients get speedy service no matter what may arise. With over 70 HDD rigs at our disposal, we can handle a variety of different jobs from residential service installations to building 36″ transmission lines.

Our dedicated and experienced team have and are comfortable working in:

  • Dense utilities
  • Hard surface areas
  • Tight ROWs and easements
  • Difficult terrain
  • Critical crossings like railways and interstates
  • Sensitive crossings like lakes and rivers

Even Rock Won’t Hold Us Back

Our industry-leading drilling expertise has been providing solutions for clients for decades we would appreciate the opportunity to put this strength and dedication to work for your project.

  • Drilling through rock
  • Completing bores up to 6000′
  • Pipe size from 2” to 48”
  • Traditional mud motors
  • IAB mud motors
  • Mechanical mud motors
  • Pneumatic air hammers

With this level of expertise, technology, and equipment at our disposal, we can always find the best application for your project.

Completed Projects

  • Suwanee to Friendship Road


  • Southside Connector


  • Cumming Lateral