Transmission Pipeline
Southeast Connections has a philosophy when it comes to transmission and that is to always provide outstanding quality and exceed the client’s expectations. This commitment includes working within budget, complete environmental compliance and a zero tolerance approach to safety.
Working With Integrity
At Southeast Connections, LLC, we provide quality solutions for all types of natural gas projects across the country. Our team of Transmission specialists has extensive experience working with projects both large and small, so you can always count on them for the quality of service you deserve. We perform station modifications and integrity management along with medium to large scale mainline projects in all diameters. Additionally, SEC maintains a fleet of tools and equipment that allows us to self-perform all aspects of any transmission pipeline job. In the rare instance where we need additional resources, we have access to rental equipment through our long-established relationships within the rental industry. Don’t worry about the scale of your project. We can get the job done to keep you moving forward.

When it comes to transmission pipeline projects, we’ll handle most of the work on our own. We implement horizontal directional drilling and soft digging methods using our own team and equipment in most cases. With over 1,600 employees, we can even offer crew support at a moment’s notice for any possible situation that develops.
We Offer Leadership and Equipment in Equal Measure
Resources, both personnel and equipment, are critical for the successful completion of any project. At SEC, we offer both with a guarantee of quality. Here’s what sets us apart:
  • Best in class and comprehensive training
  • Zero Tolerance commitment to safety
  • Well-organized projects and crews
  • Consistent and open communication between all stakeholders.
  • Paperless process
  • Attention to detail on cleanup and restoration. The job isn’t over until the last piece is in place and the grass is growing!
  • Dedication to public and worker safety
When partnering with SEC, you also receive the benefit of a full fleet of HDD machines. We have over 70 HDD rigs of various sizes from 9,000-pound to 440,000-pound capacity.

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